About Mead
  • Historic Drink
    Mead may be the oldest alcoholic drink known to man. We have been drinking mead for thousands of years, its time to bring back this ancient tradition.

  • Show Mead

    A show mead is made with the fewest possible ingredients and processing as possible. Honey, water, and fermentation are all thats required. We use local Iowa honey in all of our products, making Shambletown easy drinking. You will get a touch of honey sweetness and lovely carbonation that come together for a drinking experience fit for royalty.

  • Learn More
    Learn more about mead from the Wikipedia page.

“Shambletown is a ficticiuos location. Plans can be made to go there, howerver most trips are taken without prior notice. Once you arrive, hilarious stories and pictures are some of the souveniers you take with you when you leave. ”

Get your ticket and enjoy the ride.

Justin Garretson

Mazer, East Grove Farms