Elderflower Metheglin

About Elderflowers
  • Metheglin
    Metheglin is spiced mead, often using ginger and cinnamon. It derives from the Welsh word meddyglyn, meaning "healing liquor".

  • Grown Locally
    All of our elderflowers come from East Grove Farms using organic growing methods. They are hand picked in June and either frozen or added directly to the mead.

  • Learn More
    Elderberries are know as sambucus, visit the Wikipedia page to learn more. Still a sceptic, or maybe you just like geeking out on science? Try a google scholor search for the benefits: Research Papers

Semi-Sweet Metheglin (Spiced Mead)
“Spiced with ginger and cinnamon, this is a wine like you have never had before. Upcoming versions may have a bit of fresh flower in each bottle. ”

”This full-bodied wine has wheat straw aromatics similar to a sauvignon blanc with a a bit of spicy pepper as well. Enjoy your metheglin with scallops, grilled shrimp and seafoods.”

”This wine is very delicate, tread lightly. I recommend you start your evening with this in order to appreciate the floral character.”


Justin Garretson

Enologist, East Grove Farms