Elderberry Reserve

About Elderberries
  • Super Fruit
    Elderberry has more antioxidants than any other fruit except aronia. It has proven anti-viral capabilities and is being studied for a number of its health benefits.

  • Grown Locally
    All of our elderberries come from East Grove Farms using organic growing methods. They are hand picked at just the right ripeness to ensure the highest quality fruit.

  • Learn More
    Elderberries are know as sambucus, visit the Wikipedia page to learn more. Still a sceptic, or maybe you just like geeking out on science? Try a google scholar search for the benefits: Research Papers

Dry Full-Bodied Wine
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“This is not your grandfather's elderberry wine. This full-bodied red wine is made from Frontenac grapes grown here in Iowa that are fermented with elderberries off of the farm. The elderberries are high in tannins and they also help smooth out the cold varietal grapes natural acidity. Made in limited batches for the discerning wine drinker. ”

”This wine has big legs and hints of american oak from select trees off the farm. Baked cherry or dark cherry flavors and some baking spice make this wine go great with your dinner.”

”I don't always drink wine. But when I do, its Elderberry Reserve.”


Justin Garretson

Enologist, East Grove Farms