About Concordia
  • East Grove Blend
    Concordia is a blend of three super fruits grown on the farm. Elderberries and Aronia berries have more anti-oxidents than any other fruit in the world. Combine that with honey and grapes and you have one healthy wine.

  • Grown Locally
    All of the fruit used in Concordia is grown at East Grove Farms. These berries don't have to travel far to get the privilege of becoming an East Grove mead.

  • Learn More
    Visit the Wikipedia page to learn more. Still a sceptic, or maybe you just like geeking out on science? Try a google scholor search for the benefits: Research Papers

Light and Dry
“Concordia is a light bondied blend of Concord and Fredonia grapes. We then join Elderberries and Aronia berries for a complex fruity profile. This mead can be drank anytime, but it is especially good during summer evenings.”

”Concordia is named after the Roman goddess of peace and harmony.”


Justin Garretson

Mazer, East Grove Farms