Chili Capsimel

About Chilis
  • Hot is Healthy
    Chilis can fight inflamation, boost your immunity and increase your metabolism.

  • Impress Your Friends
    What's better that pulling out a bottle of mead with a chili pepper floating in it? The look on your friends face when you tip the bottle back and eat the pepper, thats what! (the pepper actually doesn't have any heat left, it has dissapated into the wine)

  • Learn More
    Visit the Wikipedia page to learn more. Or you can check World's Heathiest Foods.

Sweet and Spicy Mead
“Now here is a fun wine, capsimel! This chili pepper mead is sweet and spicy with a chili in every bottle. You may pick up on thai basil aromatics as well as jalapeƱo and bell peppers. Great for after dinner, this mead will get your taste buds dancing. Try it with your dessert course of baked fruit pie and ice cream.”

”Why yes, that is a real chili pepper in the bottle. Some like it hot!”


Justin Garretson

Mazer, East Grove Farms