Bumbleberry Mead

  • What is Bumbleberry?
    It is a fictional name that represents a blend of berries, traditionally used to call a pie made from multiple fruits.

  • Grown Locally
    All of the fruit used in Bumbleberry is grown at East Grove Farms or comes from our local farmer friends. These berries don't have to travel far to get the privilege of becoming an East Grove mead.

  • Learn More
    Visit the Wikipedia page to learn more. Still a sceptic, or maybe you just like geeking out on science? Try a google scholor search for the benefits: Research Papers

Smooth and Sweet Mead
“Our Bumbleberry Mead is a sweet melomel, or fruit mead. This mead is made from Concord grapes, elderberries and aronia berries grown on the farm and hand picked with love. The locally sourced honey gives this mead a very smooth and wonderfully complex flavor. This mead is sparkling and has a beautiful rich red color with an easy drinking light body. ”


Justin Garretson

Mazer, East Grove Farms