We are East Grove Farms, LLC. located 5 miles southeast of Salem, IA in the southeast corner of the state. We specialize in organically grown alternative crops such as elderberries, aronia berries and other native and heirloom fruits. We are situated on Iowa’s oldest continuously settled farm established by Joel C. Garretson in 1837.

Peach Grove Now Available

East Grove is proud to announce that the Peach Grove mead is now on sale.

Peach Grove is a sweet peach mead made from locally grown white peaches. It is very smooth and easy to drink with aromas of peaches, cinnamon and other spices. If you like peach cobbler, you will love this wine.

Elderberry Mead Issue

Elderberry Mead is back on the shelves

If you purchased a bottle of Elderberry Mead in the month of July, there is a chance that it will carbonate in the bottle and pop the cork. We are deeply sorry for this issue and any products you have can be returned at the winery for a full refund or replacement. The wine is perfectly safe to drink, but it can be quite fizzy. In the meantime we recommend that you refrigerate your bottle and open it in the sink.

The remaining bottles in the problem batch have been remedied and are now available for sale again.

Implementing NEW ideas for agriculture sustainability

At East Grove Farms we are working on building a farm that focuses on improving the health of the soil first. Organic growing methods and pesticide free technologies are tested and used on the farm. We hope to work with researchers in the future to discover the most effective methods for producing our crops while maintaining our commitment to sustainable agriculture.