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We are East Grove Farms, LLC. located 5 miles southeast of Salem, IA in the southeast corner of the state. We specialize in organically grown alternative crops such as elderberries, aronia berries and other native and heirloom fruits. We are situated on Iowa’s oldest continuously settled farm established by Joel C. Garretson in 1837.

East Grove Reserve Release Celebration

East Grove Farms would like to invite you to our first annual Reserve Release Celebration.
On Saturday, December 20th, East Grove will begin selling the first cases of the 2014 Elderberry Reserve.

Doors open at noon with regular tastings through the afternoon. East Grove will also be giving tours of the newly finished up stairs and allowing limited tours of the winery facility. Bring your Christmas cheer and join us for mulled wine, cookies and caroling in front of the old wood stove beginning around 5pm.

East Grove Farms is known for it's Elderberry wines. From the light elderberry flower mead, to the sweet elderberry mead and of course the dry Elderberry Reserve. We are proud of all of our wines, but especially of the reserve. We use local Iowa Grapes and blend them with our own Elderberries to make a multi layered, deep red wine that begs you to keep sipping on the glass. What many Iowa grapes lack, Elderberries contain to create a full bodied wine that might otherwise be nearly impossible to create in the midwest. The fruitiness of the grapes and elderberries create dimensions to the wine that dance through the palate from start to finish. The nose brings you back one hundred years to an era of hand picked fruit and dedication to a product well done.

Elderberry Reserve Now Available for Sale

East Grove is proud to announce that our flagship wine, the Elderberry Reserve is available for sale.

Dry Full-Bodied Wine
Pre-Orders are now open
“This is not your grandfather's elderberry wine. This full-bodied red wine is made from Frontenac grapes grown here in Iowa that are fermented with elderberries off of the farm. The elderberries are high in tannins and they also help smooth out the cold varietal grapes natural acidity. Made in limited batches for the discerning wine drinker. ”

”This wine has big legs and hints of american oak from select trees off the farm. Baked cherry or dark cherry flavors and some baking spice make this wine go great with your dinner.”

”I don't always drink wine. But when I do, its Elderberry Reserve.”

winery hours

Friday 2pm - 6pm | Saturday 12pm - 6pm | Sunday 12pm - 6pm | Anytime by Appointment

East Grove is specializing in meads or honey wine made from organically grown native Iowan and heirloom fruits. Come out to the historic Garretson farm and sample one of the many different wines we have available. We are located about 10 miles south of Mt. Pleasant off of highway 218. Head east on 335th (mile marker 32) for one mile and look for the house on your right.

Implementing NEW ideas for agriculture sustainability

At East Grove Farms we are working on building a farm that focuses on improving the health of the soil first. Organic growing methods and pesticide free technologies are tested and used on the farm. We hope to work with researchers in the future to discover the most effective methods for producing our crops while maintaining our commitment to sustainable agriculture.